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Patriot missile production coming to Germany

Patriot GEM-T interceptor
Photo: Raytheon

US-based weapon manufacturer Raytheon and its German counterpart MBDA Deutschland have entered into an agreement on the future production of Patriot air-defense system interceptors in Germany.

The strategic roadmap for the undertaking that has been developed by the two companies will enable Germany to meet the current threat environment as well as deploy Patriot with the Bundeswehr until at least 2048.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense and MBDA already have the COMLOG joint venture, under which they were making Patriot available to the German armed forces. This JV already plays a key role in maintenance and logistics, but now the partners have developed a roadmap to meet German demand for Patriot GEM-T interceptors by producing the missiles in Germany.

The roadmap also opens up the possibility of supplying German-produced GEM-Ts to other Patriot partners in Europe, the two companies said.

“Patriot plays a central and forward-looking role in the defense of Germany and Europe. With our partner RMD, COMLOG as an existing joint venture of our companies, the test and reference facility in Freinhausen and the capabilities at our company sites, we have ideal conditions to jointly provide Patriot until 2048,” Thomas Gottschild, managing director of MBDA Germany, said.

The Guidance Enhanced Missile, or GEM-T, is one of the Patriot variants available to US forces and international customers. The GEM-T missile provides an enhanced capability to engage tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles or enemy aircraft in addition to the PAC-3 missile.

“Our successful COMLOG joint venture with MBDA plays a key role in missile maintenance and logistics,” said Tom Laliberty, president, Land Warfare & Air Defense, Raytheon Missile & Defense. “By enabling COMLOG to produce GEM-T in Germany, we are also expanding the capacity to deliver this mission-critical interceptor system to Patriot partner nations in Europe.”