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France’s MBDA delivers Mistral 3 missiles for new Philippine frigates

French missile specialist MBDA has completed deliveries of the Mistral 3 surface-to-air missiles (SAM) for the two new Jose Rizal-class frigates of...
F-35 with Spear 3 missiles.

UK MoD to work with MBDA on collaborative missiles

The aim of the project is to investigate how inter-missile communication and cooperative behaviors can enhance their effectivenes on the battlefield.

Brazil orders Sea Ceptor air-defense system for new Tamandaré-class frigates

The Brazilian Navy has officially placed a contract with French missile specialist MBDA for the delivery of the Sea Ceptor air-defense missile...

French Jaguar armored vehicle fires MMP missile for first time during...

The French Army's new Jaguar armored vehicle fired an MMP missile from a two-missile configuration turret during recent qualification trials.

GDLS UK teams with MBDA for ‘Overwatch’ Ajax for British Army

GDLS UK and MBDA are offering the Ares variant of the Ajax vehicle fitted with Brimstone missiles for the British Army's 'Overwatch’ capability.

Canadian Surface Combatants getting Leonardo’s Vulcano LW guns

Leonardo received an order to deliver four OTO 127/64 Lightweight (LW) Vulcano naval guns for the Canadian Surface Combatant program.
Eurofighter P2Eb software update

German Eurofighters can now launch their Meteor air-to-air missiles

First German Air Force Eurofighters have received the P2Eb software update, which allows integration of the Meteor and Storm Shadow missiles.
SAMP/T missile defense system

France, Italy fund development of next-generation of SAMP/T missile system

France and Italy have signed a contract for the development of a new version of the SAMP/T air-defense system dubbed SAMP/T NG...

MBDA to deliver new generation Teseo Mk2/E missile to Italian Navy

French missile specialist MBDA has announced a contract for the delivery of the next generation of Teseo missiles to the Italian Navy.

MBDA nets first order for its new Albatros NG air-defense system

The company did not reveal the identity of the first customer or the financial details of the deal.
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