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MBDA signs $2.4B deal for Polish Pilica+ air defense system work

Photo: MBDA

The Polish defense ministry has signed a contract with MBDA for the supply of CAMM missiles and iLaunchers, which will be used in Poland’s PILICA+ air defense upgrade program.

MBDA has been awarded a contract worth 1.9 million British pounds (approx. $2.4 billion) to provide missiles and missile launchers in order to support Poland’s modernization efforts and the production of 22 PILICA+ air defense batteries.

This contract marks the largest European short-range air defense acquisition program in NATO, according to MBDA.

PILICA+ is a triple-layer air defense system designed by PGZ that incorporates MBDA’s CAMM short-range radar-guided missiles alongside Polish-made autocannons and very-short-range infrared-guided missiles.

This system will be operated by a Polish command and control system and guided by Polish radars. It will serve as the inner layer of Poland’s integrated air defense network, which also includes the upper-tier WISLA system and mid-tier NAREW system. MBDA is providing support for all three systems in collaboration with PGZ.

CAMM is a radar-guided missile with a multi-channel system that is capable of defeating air threats up to 25 km away.

CAMM anti-air missile
MBDA file photo of a CAMM anti-air missile launch

Chris Allam, managing director of MBDA UK, said “We are deeply proud that Poland is placing CAMM at the core of their layered air defense systems. This landmark Polish-UK cooperation will provide a major boost to Poland’s air defense capabilities and bring our defense industries closer together, enabling sovereignty and supporting jobs in both countries.”

Poland received its first CAMM battery in 2022 and is working with MBDA and PGZ to transfer technology and manufacture the mid-tier NAREW air defense program using CAMM-ER missiles.

They are also collaborating on future missiles for higher air defense tiers. The CAMM family will equip Poland’s future maritime air defense system onboard Miecznik-class frigates.