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MBDA signs $2.4B deal for Polish Pilica+ air defense system work

MBDA will be supplying CAMM missiles and iLaunchers for Poland's Pilica plus air defense system that will use a Polish C2 system and radars.

Poland receives first launchers for Narew air defense system

The first launchers for Poland's new short short-range air defense (SHORAD) system, referred to as "Mała Narew" in Polish, have arrived in...
Wizjer mini UAV Orbiter UAV solution

Poland approves contract for 25 Wizjer mini-UAVs

The Polish defense ministry has approved a contract for the purchase of mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) under the country's Wizjer program.

Israel’s Rafael teams with PGZ to offer Spike NLOS for Polish...

Israel's RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems announced it is joining Poland's Ottokar-Brzoza tank destroyer program in close cooperation with Polish Conglomerate PGZ.

Poland receives first upgraded Leopard 2PL tanks

The Leopard 2PL introduces improved firepower, ballistic protection and situational awareness.

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