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Caesar howitzer fires first “intelligent” Katana 155mm shells

Katan ammunition after launch from Caesar 155mm howitzer
Photo: Nexter

A Caesar self-propelled howitzer recently performed the first live-fire test of the new Katana 155mm guided shells, which demonstrated the round’s ability to pilot in flight.

France’s Nexter, the developer of the “intelligent” round, said the test campaign took place in Sweden from December 7 to 11, 2020, and marked the achievement of a decisive milestone for the Katana development program.

The company noted that the canard actuation system was deployed in accordance with the simulations, allowing the shell to be fired along a trajectory that increases the range of fire compared to a purely ballistic trajectory. The next test campaign, planned for the course of 2021, will gauge the projectile’s guidance capabilities.

Following the testing campaign, Nexter Group munitions director Dominique Guillet expressed his confidence that the ammunition could be brought to the market from 2023.

In its second generation, Katana is expected to offer a maximum range of 60 km. The projectile’s guidance is ensured by a hybridisation between a GNSS signal receiver and an inertial measuring unit. In the future, meter scale precision will be accessible through the addition of an optional semi-active laser distance gauge.

Photo: Nexter Group