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French Army receives its 500th Griffon multirole armored vehicle

Photo: KNDS

The three industry partners Nexter, Arquus, and Thales have presented the 500th Griffon (VBMR) multirole armored vehicle to the French defense procurement agency, July 13.

Besides Griffon vehicles, the industry trio delivered the 50th Jaguar (EBRC) armored reconnaissance and fighting vehicle to the French defense procurement agency (DGA). 

The three industry partners in the EBMR temporary consortium are meeting their contractual targets on the program, which involves the delivery of a total of 1,872 Griffons and 300 Jaguars,  in addition to 978 units of the smaller Serval light armored vehicles. The program will also encompass the modernization of Leclerc main battle tanks.

The Griffon vehicle is equipped with a 400 HP engine coupled to an automatic gearbox, independent running gears, and a 6-wheel drive. With a GVW of 24.5 tons, the Griffon can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h and is suitable for various terrains.

The power train of the Griffon, including the axles and gearboxes, has been specifically developed by Arquus and is also utilized in the Jaguar vehicle. Additionally, the Griffon incorporates advanced technologies such as an inflation pressure variation system, steering rear axle, roll-flat system, and state-of-the-art electronic architecture.

The Griffon vehicles are being delivered in six versions ranging from armored personnel carriers to ambulance vehicles.

Jaguar is equipped with a 40mm CT40 cannon developed by CTA International, a joint venture between Nexter and BAE Systems. The vehicle also carries four MMP medium-range missiles with a range of four kilometers.

Under the Scorpion program, the French defense ministry awarded a 1.2 billion euro contract last year for the procurement of additional Griffon and Jaguar vehicles for the French Army. Delivery of these vehicles commenced in July 2019, albeit with a slight delay of six months.