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French Army receives first Serval armored vehicles to replace 40-year-old VABs

The French defense procurement agency DGA and the French Army have officially received the first four Serval light armored vehicles.

France, Spain launch Tiger MkIII attack helicopter upgrade

A contract signing ceremony between OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation) and Airbus Helicopters has launched the joint French and Spanish Tiger...

France invests €1.2B in additional Griffon, Jaguar vehicles for its army

The French defense ministry has placed a 1.2 billion euro contract for the delivery of additional Griffon and Jaguar vehicles for the...

French Jaguar armored vehicle fires MMP missile for first time during...

The French Army's new Jaguar armored vehicle fired an MMP missile from a two-missile configuration turret during recent qualification trials.

France announces separate orders for micro, shipborne unmanned aerial systems

The French defense procurement agency (DGA) has announced orders for two separate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that will be delivered to the...

French Armed Forces take delivery of 2,000th VT4 vehicle

French defense vehicle specialist Arquus delivered the 2000th 4x4 VT4 command and liaison vehicle to the French defense procurement agency, the DGA,...

US, France in first artillery drill in Djibouti in 4 years

US and French Army soldiers have completed a live-fire joint artillery training event at the Djiboutian Range Complex, Djibouti.

French Army orders 3,000 additional O-NYX night vision goggles from Thales

The French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded Thales a follow-on contract for the delivery of an additional 3,000 O-NYX night vision...

France orders first 364 Serval light armored vehicles

The French defense procurement agency DGA has placed a serial production contract for the first 364 Serval light armored vehicles after completing...

French special forces test MMP missile from Sabre vehicle

French missile specialist MBDA says it has has carried out the first firing of an MMP missile from an ARQUUS Sabre special...

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