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Colombia becoming latest Caesar howitzer operator

Colombia orders 6x6 Caesar howitzer
Illustration: Nexter file photo

The Colombian defense ministry has selected the French-developed Caesar 6×6 self-propelled howitzer for its army, becoming the latest customer for the increasingly popular system.

According to Infodefesa, Colombia is said to have set aside $101.7 million for the purchase of an undisclosed amount of howitzers as part of a procurement process dubbed nº 21-2022 MDN-EJC.

Colombia emerged as the latest customer of the Nexter-built howitzer after Lithuania placed a contract in late December last year for a total of 18 systems that would be procured for between 110 and 150 million euros.

Prior to that, Belgium also selected the Caesar as its system of choice. It is worth noting that both Lithuania and Belgium will be receiving the Mark II version of the system.

The Czech Republic recently also beefed up the number of 8×8 Caesars on order to 62.

The Caesar 6×6 is equipped with a 155mm gun, capable of firing up to a distance of 40 km. According to manufacturer’s specifications, the system is air transportable and fits into A400, IL76 or C17 military transport aircraft. The system fires six rounds per minute and is operated by four or five soldiers.