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Poland picks Sea Ceptor to safeguard new frigates

Image: MBDA

Poland granted a contract to MBDA for the installation of the Sea Ceptor naval air defense system on its upcoming fleet of three Miecznik-class frigates.

This agreement signifies the ongoing collaboration between MBDA and Poland, with a specific emphasis on MBDA’s CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) family of air defense missiles, which includes the Sea Ceptor system.

Poland plans to employ its current CAMM missile inventory to equip the Miecznik frigates, utilizing the interoperability of CAMM tailored for both land and maritime applications.

The installation process will be optimized through a quadpacking solution in the Mk41 Vertical Launching System (VLS), enhancing load-out capacity and strengthening platform survivability, stated the company.

As stated by the manufacturer, MBDA and PGZ’s collaboration in the PILICA+, NAREW, and MIECZNIK programs, including joint efforts on a future medium-range CAMM missile, reinforces the strong strategic partnership and UK-Polish defense cooperation.

Sea Ceptor is a ship-based air defense system designed to protect against a wide range of air threats. Developed for the UK Ministry of Defence, it serves as the primary air defense capability for the Royal Navy’s Type 23 and Type 26 frigates.

With a weight of 99 kg, length of 3.2 m, diameter of 166 mm, range exceeding 25 km, and supersonic speed, Sea Ceptor offers versatility by being easily retrofitted into various platforms.

Notably, its soft-launch technology allows installation in different locations without dedicated fire control radars. Operating from SYLVER and Mk41 launchers, Sea Ceptor’s quad-pack configuration and flexible canister options contribute to its adaptability.

The CAMM family, selected by various armed forces worldwide for air defense on both naval and ground platforms, gained popularity in the military inventories of nations including Poland, the UK, Italy, Canada, Brazil, and, most recently, Sweden.