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MBDA qualifies MAADS system with CAMM-ER missile for Italian military

Photo: MBDA

MBDA says it has completed successful qualification firing of Medium Advanced Air Defence System (MAADS), paving the way for the Italian Air Force to replace its short range air defense (SHORAD) capability with enhanced medium-range capacity using the CAMM-ER missile.

CAMM-ER, an extended-range missile from the CAMM family, will replace Aspide in the air defense systems of the Italian Air Force and Army. It features a seeker and “cold launch” system, with a larger motor for extended range. It is also integrated into the Albatros NG naval system to enhance naval-based air defense capabilities.

The recent MBDA trial tested and qualified the integrated detection center module (BMC4I Sirius with upgraded software) with the CAMM-ER missile.

The test involved a target drone simulating an enemy aircraft attack on the launcher, affirming the defense capabilities and performance of the entire system in an integrated mode.

MBDA demonstrated the capabilities of the integrated detection center module, comprising its battle management command, control, communication, computer & intelligence (BMC4i), and Leonardo’s Kronos land radar, along with the launcher and MBDA’s CAMM-ER missile.

MBDA stated that during the trial, the detection center effectively detected and identified the target drone in attack mode, accurately classifying the threat and evaluating the appropriate defense response. It subsequently commanded a successful launch of the CAMM-ER missile, effectively neutralizing the threat.

Also, the MBDA said that the test confirmed the functioning of the two-way datalink between CAMM-ER and MAADS, further validating the system’s overall performance.

The qualification of the MAADS system is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the integrated teams from MBDA in Italy and the United Kingdom, with support from SEGREDIFESA (Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti).