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Poland picks Sea Ceptor to safeguard new frigates

Poland granted a contract to MBDA for the installation of the Sea Ceptor naval air defense system on its upcoming fleet of...

Poland receives first launchers for Narew air defense system

The first launchers for Poland's new short short-range air defense (SHORAD) system, referred to as "Mała Narew" in Polish, have arrived in...

Poland fast-tracks purchase of CAMM-based Narew air defense system

Poland will now receive the first fire module of the Narew SHORAD in September this year.

British Army commissions new Sky Sabre ground-based air defense system

Sky Sabre will be able to hit a tennis ball-sized object travelling at the speed of sound, UK defense ministry says.

Poland settles on MBDA’s CAMM for its Narew air defense system...

The defense ministries of Poland and the United Kingdom have entered into an agreement to collaborate on introducing the MBDA-developed Common Anti-air...

Royal Navy upgrading its Type 45 destroyers with Sea Ceptor missile

The air-defense destroyers are adding the Sea Ceptor missile to their arsenal, in addition to receiving upgrades for the existing Sea Viper missiles.

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