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Israel’s Elbit gets $1.65B deal for Greek “International Flight Training Center”

Israeli T6
Illustration: Elbit Systems photo of an Israeli T6 training aircraft

Israeli defense technology company Elbit Systems said on April 18 it was awarded a contract worth around $1.65 billion (approximately €1.375 billion) for the establishment and operation of the International Flight Training Center of the Hellenic Air Force.

The official contract award follows the announcement of the agreement between the defense ministries of Israel and Greece in January this year.

Elbit says the contract will be performed over a period of approximately 20 years and will include price indexation.

Under the contract, Elbit Systems will supply new M-346 training aircraft and will maintain the entire training fleet, comprised of dozens of M-346 and T-6 training aircraft for a period of approximately 20 years.

In addition, the company will provide its advanced embedded virtual avionics (EVA) onboard the training aircraft, deliver networked flight simulators and an array of ground-based training stations (GBTS) as well as a command and control systems to enable efficient management of the flight training operation.

“We are honored to have been awarded this contract to provide such an important capability to the Hellenic Air Force,” Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, president and CEO of Elbit Systems, said. “This contract award attests to the leading position we hold in the area of pilot’s training solutions, providing tested know-how and proven technologies that improve operational readiness while reducing costs.”