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Hungary takes delivery of first two H225M multi-purpose helicopters

The Hungarian Defense Forces (HDF) received the initial two units of the contracted 16 H225M multi-purpose helicopters on July 24.

Hungarian military helicopter crashes in Croatia, two bodies found

raining mission in Croatian airspace when one of the helicopters crashed, June 21.
L-39NG jet in Hungarian Air Force livery

Hungary orders 12 L-39NG jets from Aero Vodochody

The Hungarian defense ministry has signed a contract with Czech aerospace company Aero Vodochody for the purchase of 12 new L-39NG trainers....
Hungarian Gripen fighter

Hungary upgrading its Gripen fleet to MS20 Block 2 standard

Hungary's government office for defense procurement and its Swedish counterpart (FMV) have completed the negotiations for the upgrade of Hungarian Air Force...

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