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Australia contracts Raytheon for JATTS adversarial training services

Illustration. Photo: Royal Australian Air Force

The Australian defense ministry has awarded Raytheon Australia an AU$330 million dollar contract to deliver Joint Adversarial Training and Testing Services (JATTS) to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for a period of eight years.

The JATTS contract consolidates three existing contracts that form the ability to support ADF exercises with ‘enemy’ airborne force aircraft, aerial targets, and electronic warfare capabilities across a range of ADF platforms including the air force‘s Joint Strike Fighter, Super Hornet, Growler, Wedgetail airborne early warning and control capabilities and ground based aircraft control units.

JATTS will also encompass the navy’s helicopter frigate and guided missile destroyer capabilities and army’s ground based air defense capabilities.

The critical services to be delivered by the JATTS contract include aerial opposing force effects, manned and unmanned targets and sophisticated electronic attack.

The contract also introduces two new additional capabilities: the testing, training and certification of ADF Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5 interrogation systems; and advanced airborne threat simulations.

The JATTS contract is designed evolve over the term of the contract to ensure it remains contemporary and continually satisfies the ADF’s requirements.