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Brazilian Air Force contracts Raytheon for surveillance radar upgrade

Photo: Raytheon

US defense technology company Raytheon has been contracted to upgrade the Brazilian Air Force’s surveillance radars across the Amazon.

The company is set to update seven legacy radars to the next-generation monopulse secondary surveillance radar system, Condor Mk3.

According to Raytheon, the new, more advanced Condor Mk3 introduces new features such as automatic adaptive power control, fully configurable software, a high-duty cycle transmitter and built-in ADS-B.

“This modernization effort expands our long-term partnership in Brazil with the Commission for Implementation of the Brazilian Air Space Control System,” said Matt Gilligan, vice president of Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services.

The legacy radars were previously installed by Raytheon in the early 2000s under the Brazilian System for the Vigilance of the Amazon project and have been in continuous operation since its installation.

“This modernization has the main goal to maintain the high levels of air traffic control quality, in compliance with International Aviation Standard through surveillance technology, ensuring operational safety conditions in the Amazon region,” said Maj. Gen. Sérgio Rodrigues Pereira Bastos Jr., president of the Airspace Control System Implementation Commission (CISCEA) in Brazil.