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Germany issues RfP for ballistic missile defense radars

German RRP-117 radar station
Bundeswehr photo of one of 18 radar stations operated by the German Air Force

The German defense procurement agency (BAAINBw) has issued a request for proposals for the potential acquisition of four radar systems capable of supporting ballistic missile defense.

The country is seeking complete radar systems with receivers, antennas, radomes and associated technical and integration support.

As detailed by BAAINBw, the L/S-band 3D-capable radar systems need to have a minimum range of 220 nautical miles and the ability to identify targets with a radar cross section of 0,1 square meters at a distance of 124 nautical miles in ideal conditions.

While the radars are to be capable of detecting ballistic missile weapons, their primary task would be airspace surveillance with a track while scan mode of operation, which enables a radar to acquire targets and provide an overview of the airspace at the same time.

A preferred bidder for the systems is expected to be chosen by October 2021, with a planned delivery deadline set for 2026.