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IrvinGQ introduces airdrop platform for unmanned ground vehicles

ATAX airdrop system
Photo: IrvinGQ

Parachute and aerial delivery equipment specialist IrvinGQ has unveiled its design for an airdrop system that would allow forces to quickly deploy unmanned ground vehicles (UGV).

The company said it worked with Milrem Robotics to develop a platform suited for the delivery of THeMIS or the Multscope Rescue unmanned ground vehicles to high threat environments, without putting warfighters or service people at risk.

Named ATAX, the airdrop system can integrate a pair of UGVs for defense or firefighting missions.

The “rapid-rig/de-rig” aerial delivery system employs reusable soft landing airbags that reduce load preparation and rigging times by eliminating consumable rigging materials, according to the company.

“The airdrop platform will widen the possibilities of how armed forces can deploy autonomous or remotely piloted THeMIS UGVs behind enemy lines, or as part of airborne operations combined with infantry. Firefighters could use ATAX to drop Multiscope Rescue systems to combat large-scale terrain or forest fires without endangering lives,” Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics, commented.