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UK MoD contracts Saab for laser-based simulator support

Photo: Saab

The UK defense ministry has awarded Saab a three-year contract for the support services to the direct fire weapon effects simulator (DFWES) capability.

The contract valued at 320 MSEK (approx. $31.8 million) came into effect earlier this month, according to the company.

DFWES is a laser-based tactical engagement simulation (TES) system, that allows dismounted and mounted soldiers to simulate the effects of direct and indirect fire. This order includes support and maintenance for the British Army’s DFWES capability.

In addition to the existing sites in the UK, Canada and Germany, this contract includes continuation of support to the commando training center Royal Marines, the infantry battle school in Brecon and the infantry training center Catterick.

“We are proud that Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) continues to choose Saab as a partner to provide the British military with the DFWES capability. This ensures that British soldiers and marines can continue to receive the best possible support for their training and is a testament to the close and long-term cooperation between Saab and the UK”, says Magnus Lewis Olson, head of Saab in the United Kingdom.

DFWES as a standalone, deployable capability, is able to support combined arms battle group training and is also interoperable with other users of Saab’s tactical engagement simulation.