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South Korean helicopters getting new missile launch detection systems

Photo: Hensoldt

Huneed Technologies has started delivering the AN/AAR-60 missile launch detection systems (MILDS) for two variants of the Surion helicopter in service with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.

Huneed worked with German technology company Hensoldt to deliver the first units to Korea Aerospace Industry, the company in charge of delivering the locally-developed helicopters to the country’s armed forces, earlier this month.

The twin-engine helicopters that are receiving the imaging sensors are the ROK Army’s basic utility helicopter and the ROK Marine Corps’ maritime utility variant.

Huneed is responsible for the production of two printed circuit boards, configuration and calibration, final assembly and testing of the MILDS missile warner on behalf of Hensoldt within the scope of offset obligations.

By the end of April 2020, Huneed is to supply three additional sensors and by November 2020 a further 85 sensors. In total, the offset commitments currently have a volume of 258 sensors.

MILDS AN/AAR-60 is a passive, true imaging sensor device optimized to detect the radiation signature in the UV solar blind spectral band that is emitted from an approaching hostile missile exhaust plume. The system comprises four to six self-contained detectors that provide high resolution and high sensitivity without extra cooling. According to Hensoldt, MILDS is qualified for installation on-board a wide variety of tactical rotary-wing and wide-body aircraft including NH-90, Tiger, UH-60, CH-47, C-130 and P-3.