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Saab signs Swedish Air Force SK60 trainer upkeep deal

SK 60 training aircraft
Photo: Saab

Swedish Armed Forces have extended the maintenance agreement for the air force’s SK60 training aircraft with defense contractor Saab.

The deal, worth 875 million Swedish krona (approx. $91 million), will see Saab provide maintenance for the aircraft fleet from 2020 up to 2025, with 2026 as an optional year.

Sweden is currently in the process of replacing the Saab 105 twin-engine jet aircraft, which undertook its maiden flight in 1963 and which has been used in the Swedish Armed Forces, primarily for training purposes, since 1967.

The country expects to receive new trainer aircraft by 2023, after the government authorized the defense procurement agency (FMV) to start the acquisition procedure.

The extended support agreement means that Saab will continue to serve as primary supplier, and is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and availability of all SK60 aircraft at the Swedish Armed Forces. The commitment calls for Saab to ensure that the system is airworthy and readily available for Swedish Air Force Wings as per the Swedish Armed Forces’ requirements. The agreement is a continuation of a similar contract signed in 2015.

“This contract ensures that the Swedish fighter pilots continue to get really good training, due to the air force’s SK60 fleet being available for several years to come,” says Ellen Molin, Head of Saab’s Support and Services business area.