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Swedish Navy extending service life of its heavyweight torpedo

Swedish Navy Torpedo 62
Photo: Saab

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has awarded Saab a contract for the extension of the service life of the Swedish Navy’s Torpedo 62 heavyweight torpedo.

According to the company, the order is worth approximately 485 MSEK (approx. US$52.6m) while the deliveries are to take place during 2020-2024.

The order is part of a life extension program for the heavyweight torpedo and mainly comprises a review of the system, modifications and enhancements. The order also includes preparations for upcoming stages of the life extension program.

“We are proud to continue to support and strengthen the capability of the Swedish navy. This order ensures future development of the heavyweight torpedo, with the possibility for the Torpedo 62 to remain in operation with the Swedish Navy until the mid-2040,” says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

Torpedo 62 is a heavyweight torpedo system for surface and underwater targets. It is equipped with an advanced propulsion system with high capacity and long endurance, combined with an advanced target seeker, developed for the Swedish Navy’s operational area.

The company is also developing a new lightweight torpedo that will be used by the navy’s Visby-class corvettes and current and future submarines. The first tests of the new torpedo took place earlier this year.