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Australia buys submarine-simulating AUV for ASW training

Saab submarine simulator
Photo: Saab

The Australian government has announced a AU$11 million deal for the purchase of anti-submarine warfare training systems from Saab.

The Australian Navy will partner with Saab Australia to bring the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV62-AT) into service, while local industry is to get a opportunity to contribute to the project.

The AUV62-AT can generate realistic submarine noises and echoes, which are transmitted at a precise target strength. Its payload includes a transducer tail, which mirrors the physical properties of a submarine so as to provide realistic training, including ASW torpedo firing.

The system’s tail also incorporates transmitting and receiving transducers, so that training personnel can perform onboard analysis of the location of active sonars or attacking torpedoes.

Australian companies, including locally-owned company BlueZone Group, which has facilities in Newcastle, Perth and Melbourne, will have the opportunity to support and manage the operation, repair and maintenance of the AUV62-AT.

“This advanced technology training target will simulate submarines and torpedos, providing highly realistic live training scenarios for submariners, aviators and surface vessel combat teams,” Australian defense minister Linda Reynolds said.

“As well as being a cost-effective capability, it provides exciting delivery opportunities to grow defense’s warfighting skills now, and as anti-submarine warfighting technology develops.”