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Icarus Aerospace unveils new optionally-manned tactical air vehicle

Wasp tactical air vehicle
Photo: Icarus Aerospace

Aeronautical and defense aerospace company Icarus Aerospace has shared details of its “Wasp” fully militarized, optionally-manned tactical air vehicle (TAV).

As outlined, the missions-specialized, swing-role aerial platform is a “plug and play” solution that can be adapted for a range of missions.

These missions include anything from close air support (CAS), armed aerial scout, through combat search and rescue to maritime patrol, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-piracy.

The company also noted that the Wasp was network-centric and “swarm-capable”. This could mean that it can either operate as part of a larger group of unmanned aerial vehicles interacting and communicating in unison for a set mission, or control a group of UAVs.

With a wingspan of 15.5 meters, the TAV has up to 11 external hard points and can carry up to 8000 pounds of total load. It can operate in under all conditions and land and take off from unprepared runways. Its unrefuelled endurance is over six hours, according to Icarus Aerospace.

The company added that it could not provide further data about the aircraft as it was still in an “early stage of development.”

“We’ve developed TAV to be in alignment with latest international military armed overwatch and persistent presence requirements and challenges,” said Marko Ivankovic, senior product development manager and flight test engineer for Icarus Aerospace.

“We are now moving TAV into its next stage of development, to ensure that Icarus Aerospace has the financial resources to bring our exciting new program to fruition.”

Photo: Icarus Aerospace