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Cyborg Dynamics unveils Australian-developed unmanned ground vehicle

Warfighter UGV
Photo: Cyborg Dynamics

Australian companies Cyborg Dynamics Engineering and BIA5 Pty Ltd have unveiled a new unmanned ground vehicle after twelve months of detailed design and development.

The Warfighter UGV was developed on an Australian Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) grant that funds project design, materials, equipment and testing.

The UGV is based on BIA5’s tracked chassis and features a remote weapon station from Canberra-based Electro Optic Systems. The user interface and and the Athena artificial intelligence bot for target evaluation are supplied by Cyborg.

Other Australian companies that have taken part in the development include Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) for the gimbal option, Skyborne Technologies for the Havoc 40mm round selectable launcher, Craig Ballistics for plate protection and Kilner’s Engineering for advanced fabrication. A number of universities and research institutions have also supported the undertaking.

“This is true sovereign capability to protect and enhance our warfighters. Knowledge is produced, exploited and delivered within Australia to enable high tech manufacturing,” Cyborg Dynamics said unveiling the prototype UGV.

The system is capable of offensive and support roles to the dismounted warfighter. Enhancements to the system include onboard power generation, optics suite, and various weapons options and logistics configurations.