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Sweden buying snowmobiles for its special forces

Swedish Special Forces snowmobile
Photo: FMV

The Swedish defense procurement agency has signed a contract with Finland’s BRP Finland Oy for the delivery of 100 specially adapted snowmobiles for several of its special operations units.

The contract, including associated equipment, has a value of 80 million Swedish krona (approx. $9.1 million), including options for another 200 units.

The militarized snowmobiles will be delivered to the Swedish Army’s 32nd Intelligence Battalion, Army Ranger Battalion, and Parachute Ranger Squadron. All three are elite Swedish Army units responsible for tasks ranging from long range reconnaissance and indirect fire control to sabotage missions behind enemy lines.

According to the defense ministry announcement, two types of vehicles are being acquired. One is the 600cc Lynx BoonDocker Army 4100 850 E-TEC, which offers high mobility in alpine environments, and the other is the more powerful Lynx 69 Ranger Army 900 ACE, which will be used as a work snowmobile.

Sweden expects to receive the snowmobiles before the winter of 2021/2022.

Photo: FMV