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Sig Sauer marks simultaneous delivery of new handgun to all US military branches

Modular Handgun System
US Army photo of the M17 handgun

All branches of the US military have received the new Modular Handgun System (MHS) this month as gun maker Sig Sauer marked the delivery of the 200,000th P320 gun.

Based on Sig Sauer’s P320 platform, the Modular Handgun System includes the M17 full-size and M18 compact 9mm, striker-fired pistols.

MHS features coyote-tan PVD coated stainless steel slides with black controls. It utilizes both 17-round and 21-round magazines, and is equipped with SIGLITE front night sights, removable night sight rear plates, and manual safeties.

The M18 comprises capabilities previous pistols lacked. For example, the M9—the MHS predecessor—is a steel-framed, single-action/double-action hammer-fired pistol. This means it is a heavier, metal gun with two different trigger pulls for single- and double-action.

Conversely, the M18 is lighter and does not include two different trigger pulls.

“Our supply chain was challenged, and the strength of our manufacturing systems has proven that we will, without hesitation, continue to outpace the stringent demands of the delivery schedule of the MHS program,” said Ron Cohen, President & CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc.

“Throughout this period, our factory operations and our employees have been faced with unimaginable adversity. Despite the unpredictability, we continue to consistently deliver M17 and M18 pistols that surpass the requirements for accuracy, and exceed expectations for both quality and reliability, to ensure our nations soldiers are prepared for the rigors of the battlefield.”

The Modular Handgun System is a US Army-led program fielded in 2017.