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Storied US Army V Corps begins forward-based operations in Poland

V Corps activation in Poland
Photo: Polish government

The US Army has officially inaugurated the forward command of the V Corps headquarters that will operate out of Poznan, Poland.

The activation ceremony on November 20 was attended by US Army officials, US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher and Polish defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak, among others.

The main task of the Forward Command of the 5th US Army Corps in Poland will be the coordination of activities and supervision of US ground forces deployed in Europe, operational planning, as well as cooperation and synchronization of US forces with troops from other NATO countries.

About 200 personnel on a rotational basis will staff the forward command post.

The US Army announced the reactivation of V Corps at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in February, with their plan to have a forward element in Europe. The corps has a storied history, having first been established in 1918 in France. After World War I, the corps was active in World War II, Cold War, and most recently, the “War on Terror.” This year’s reactivation follows a seven-year hiatus following an inactivation ceremony in Germany in 2013.

The Fifth Corps Headquarters will consist of approximately 635 soldiers, of which a portion will be positioned at the forward command post in Poznan on a rotational basis.

“The permanent presence of the US Army in Poland is crucial. American troops will be here permanently, not only occasionally. Forward Command of the V Corps is a contribution to security and stability in the region. We will increase our cooperation and we will act hand in hand with our allies from Poland,” deputy commander of the 5th Corps, Maj. Gen. Terrence J. McKenrick, commented on the occasion.