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Oshkosh Defense, ST Engineering to develop cold weather vehicle prototype for...

Oshkosh Defense and ST Engineering are joining forces to offer a prototype based on the Bronco 3 for the US Army’s cold weather all-terrain vehicle program.

US Army, Microsoft reach $21.9B deal for augmented reality IVAS goggles

In addition to providing enhanced situational awareness, IVAS uses AR and machine learning to enable a life-like mixed reality training to soldiers.

Bell, Sikorsky get $576M for next stage of US Army’s FLRAA...

The US Army has awarded Bell and the Sikorsky-Boeing team contracts worth $576 million for the second phase of the Future Long...

Lockheed receives $1.12B US Army order for GMLRS rockets

The contract will see Lockheed deliver over 9,000 GMLRS unitary and alternative-warhead (AW) rockets, and more than 2,000 practice rockets by 2023.

US Army shares the science behind its new FAST helmet

The army says the helmet combines improved warfighter protection with further weight savings.

SNC delivers modernized RC-12X SIGINT aircraft to US Army

Also referred to as RC-12X, GRCS aircraft have been providing ISR capability for special mission operations for more than 45 years.

US Army launches Gunsmoke-J small satellite demonstrator

The US Army has launched Gunsmoke-J, the second of three new technology demonstrators that will help the service learn more about small...

US Army Apache destroys boat 32 kilometers away in latest Spike...

A US Army AH-64E Apache helicopter has completed another test of the newly-acquired Spike missile in a demonstration last month.

Major US Army-led NATO drill Defender Europe kicks off

The annual NATO exercise Defender-Europe, a large-scale US Army Europe and Africa-led maneuver, begins this month and will continue through June.

US Army testing new infantry squad vehicle at Yuma proving ground

The US Army has started testing the new infantry squad vehicle (ISV) at the Yuma proving ground as the vehicle is slated...
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