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US Army completes first test of Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher

A HIMARS acting as a surrogate AML system fired seven rockets during the test that took place at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in June this year.

FN America gets $92M for M240 machine gun deliveries to US...

The M240 general purpose machine gun, derived from the FN MAG 58, was adopted by the US military in the late 1970s, and has been used ever since.

US Army awards sensor contracts for next-gen HADES intelligence aircraft

The US Army has awarded two contracts for the development of sensor suites for its next-generation intelligence gathering aircraft.

Dynetics unveils Enduring Shield solution for US Army’s cruise missile defense...

Dynetics has unveiled a new system it is pitching for the US Army's Indirect Fires Protection Capability (IFPC) to counter cruise missile and drone threats.

US Army chooses Oshkosh to build new Stryker Medium Caliber Weapon...

Oshkosh Defense will deliver Stryker fighting vehicles fitted with a 30mm turreted auto-cannon under the Medium Caliber Weapon System program.

The US Army is building the world’s largest metal 3D printer

The machine, which will be able to print parts as long as 30 feet (9.1 m), will be used for large parts for military ground vehicles.

Saab, Raytheon demonstrate new guided munition for US Army

The guided multipurpose munition (GMM) is a new shoulder-launched capability developed under a rapid innovation funding effort awarded by the US Army.

US special forces mistakenly storm olive oil factory during drill in...

US soldiers had been simulating seizing and securing an airfield in Bulgaria during exercise Swift Response when they entered a private facility.

US Navy, Army test hypersonic strike system rocket motor

The army and navy are running separate hypersonic weapon programs which will share a common all up round that can be launched from land and sea.

US Army receives all robotic combat vehicle prototypes ahead of major...

The US Army has taken delivery of all light and medium RCV prototypes, which will now be prepared for a company-level MUM-T experiment in 2022.
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