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US Army picks GDLS for Mobile Protected Firepower light tank program

The US Army has finally chosen the preferred contractor for its Mobile Protected Firepower, or MPF, vehicles, awarding a $1.14 billion contract...

US Army places $2.3B Black Hawk order with Sikorsky

The United States and Sikorsky have signed what is probably a record UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter deal that will see the company...

Lockheed delivers first Sentinel A4 radars to US Army

The US Army has taken delivery of its first five Sentinel A4 radars that will be used to detect and identify cruise...

US Army trials commercial tech for on-the-move network solutions

Tactical internet and satellite communication solutions were evaluated as part of the trial.

US Army orders more Black Hornet nano UAVs

The US Army has awarded Teledyne FLIR Defense another $14 million contract for the delivery of Black Hornet 3 "personal reconnaissance systems"...

Raytheon nabs first-ever multi-service Tomahawk missile order

The US Navy has awarded a $217.1 million contract to Raytheon Missile Systems to deliver 154 Tomahawk missiles to the Navy, Marine...

Laser-wielding DE M-SHORAD Stryker defeated mortar rounds in recent tests

US Army brigade combat teams are set to receive four laser-equipped Strykers this year.

Raytheon delivers first LTAMDS missile defense radar to US Army test...

Raytheon has revealed it shipped the first Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) to the US Army’s White Sands Missile...

US Army trials Israeli-built Spike Firefly loitering munition

The US Army has evaluated the Israeli-developed Spike Firefly loitering munition during the recent Expeditionary Warrior Experiment 2022.

First operational US Army unit tests CROWS-J Javelin-wielding Strykers

The new CROWS and CROWS-J system also allows for soldiers to engage threats from inside the Stryker vehicle.

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