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Brazil’s new attack submarine Riachuelo dives at sea for first time

Brazilian Navy submarine Riachuelo
Photo: Naval Group

The Brazilian Navy’s lead Scorpene-class diesel electric submarine Riachuelo successfully completed her first independent dive down to safety depth last week off Sepetiba Bay near Rio.

The dive was part of the submarine’s sea trials which started in August this year. Riachuelo is slowly progressing towards entering service as the first of four boats that will be built as part of Brazil’s PROSUB program.

“Congratulations to all the teams in Brazil and France who have been working together on this program, demonstrating – for more than 10 years now – Naval Group and ICN’s ability to support their Brazilian customers in the design and construction of their future submarines,” declared Pierre Éric Pommellet, CEO of French shipbuilder Naval group who is providing the submarine design and support for the program as part of a transfer of technology agreement.

In addition to Brazil, Naval Group has supplied the Scorpene submarine design to the navies of Chile, Malaysia and India.

For nearly 12 years, the Prosub program has involved more than 3,000 French and Brazilian employees, whether in the design and construction of conventional submarines (SBR), or in assistance with the design of the future nuclear-powered submarine (SNBR) or in the design of Itaguaï naval base.

Next milestones for the Brazilian Scorpene submarine program will be the launch of the second unit, the Humaitá, this month, and the final joining of sections for the third boat, the Tonelero.

Brazil’s Scorpenes have a length of 71.62 meters and a displacement of 1,870 tons. They are designed to be capable of anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare in addition to special operations missions. They are fitted with six torpedo tubes for either F21 torpedoes that are developed by Naval Group or the MBDA-made Exocet missiles.