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French Armed Forces order Parrot micro-drones

ANAFI USA micro drone
Photo: Parrot

The French defense procurement agency (Direction Générale de l’Armement – DGA) has awarded France-based drone company Parrot a contract to deliver its ANAFI USA micro-drones to all the three branches of the French military.

The 5-year contract covers several hundred drones, the development of adaptations and the maintenance of equipment and software. The first systems will be delivered in the upcoming months.

ANAFI USA weighs 500 grams and features day and night observation capabilities. The system offers 32 minutes of flight time, according to the manufacturer.

The unmanned aerial system extends the reconnaissance capabilities of troops with two 4K 21-megapixel cameras, allowing detection of person-sized targets up to 2km away with a detail accuracy of 13cm. The zoom images are merged with those obtained by the FLIR Boson thermal imaging camera; the latter allows the detection of hot spots by day and by night.

ANAFI USA is entirely developed in France and produced in the United States. No essential components are produced in China, the company notes.

ANAFI USA has also been selected by U.S Federal Government partner organizations as part of the project Blue sUAS. It is the only drone from a non-American drone manufacturer to be commercialized on the purchase platform of the American government agencies. It is already ordered and in use by police departments, federal agencies and firefighters in the US.

“We are very proud to have won this tender from the DGA and to keep working on further opportunities with the USA. By taking the bet of developing the ANAFI platform, designed for the general public, ruggedized for the needs of professionals, and secured for the requirements of the military forces, we have taken an important step for the group,” Henri Seydoux, chairman, CEO, founder and main shareholder of Parrot commented.