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BAE gets further $183M for US Marine Corps ACV deliveries

Amphibious combat vehicle
US Marine Corps photo

The US Marine Corps Systems Command has awarded BAE Systems Land & Armaments a $183.8 million contract modification for the delivery of additional Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACVs).

According to a Pentagon announcement, the contract modification is for the procurement of 36 full rate production ACVs and associated production and fielding and support costs.

The full rate production contract was awarded to BAE Systems after the Marine Corps started fielding the new amphibious combat vehicle in December last year. This first lot of full-rate production is planned to grow to 72 vehicles in early 2021, with the options calling for 80 vehicles annually over five years.

The ACV is a next-generation, eight-wheeled vehicle designed to move marines from ship to shore. The vehicle will be the primary means of tactical mobility for the marine infantry battalion at sea and ashore, replacing the corps’ aging assault amphibious vehicle.

Compared to the AAV, the ACV provides substantially increased horsepower, with its six-cylinder, 690 horsepower engine, making it capable of land speeds exceeding 55 mph. It is also designed to provide Marines the flexibility to address additional mission roles and future technologies through its modular design.

The ACV provides organic, direct fire support to dismounted infantry, while featuring protection similar to the mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle.

The vehicles achieved initial operational capability in November 2020 while full operational capability is scheduled for 2023.