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Watch this cash in transit driver handle a robbery attempt like a boss

Armed robbery attempt o cash in transit escort in South Africa
Photo: Screengrab

Video footage of a South African cash in transit crew fending off an attempted armed robbery in broad daylight has gone viral, mostly for the remarkable skill and bravado showcased by the driver.

Dashcam footage from inside the escort van, an armored Toyota Land Cruiser, shows the driver and his teammate in the passenger seat getting shot at multiple times. The robbers also tried to ram the truck several times, but the driver manages to keep control of both the vehicle and the situation.

At the beginning, it is hard to judge whether the driver is visibly shaken, or just extremely vigilant, but as the video continues, it becomes evident that this was very likely not the first time he had come under fire.

As the video went viral on social media, people were quick to point out that not the same could be said for his colleague in the passenger seat, with some arguing that he could have taken a more offensive role. Others said the driver could likely be a former Special Task Force (STF) operator, an elite police tactical unit of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The most important thing is that all went well for the crew at the end. They managed to escape the robbery uninjured with only the windows on the Toyota sustaining damage.