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GE lands $716M F404 engine order for Indian Tejas combat aircraft

India Tejas combat aircraft
Photo: HAL

India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has ordered F404 engines from GE Aviation to power the single-engine Tejas light combat aircraft (LCA).

Valued at $716 million, the order includes 99 F404-GE-IN20 engines and support services.

GE announced the order after the Indian defense ministry approved the purchase of 83 indigenously-built Tejas Mk1A light combat aircraft (LCA) for the country’s air force in March 2020.

“We are proud of our 16-year-long partnership with HAL and happy to extend our relationship with this new order,” said Chris Cyr, Vice President Military Sales and Business Development for GE Aviation. “The F404 family of engines has proven itself in operations all over the world, and we have committed to deliver all 99 engines and support services by 2029.”

The F404-GE-IN20 engine is an enhanced production version of the F404-GE-F2J3, which is successfully powering India’s light combat aircraft demonstrator. The highest thrust variant of the F404 family, the F404-GE-IN20 incorporates GE’s hot section materials and technologies.

Prior to the 83 airframe purchase clearance, India had 40 initial-configuration Tejas aircraft on order from HAL. The country started work on the Tejas program in the 1980s with the aim of replacing its MiG-21 fighters. The single-engine aircraft will be operated by both the navy and the air force, with a total of over 300 units intended for procurement.