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After USMC deal, Saab secures Polish combat training systems order

Saab combat training systems
Photo: Saab

Swedish defense technology company Saab has signed a contract with the Polish defense ministry for the delivery of several live training systems and services to the Polish Armed Forces.

The total order value is approximately 1 billion SEK (approx. $116 million) and comprises the supply of a complete live training solution for a reinforced mechanized battalion and four training centers for company size units. The contract period is 2021 to 2026 including support over a period of three years.

Saab announced the Polish contract several months after securing a US Marine Corps order for Force on Force Training Systems – Next (FoFTS-Next). Worth up to $127.9 million, the USMC contract will see the company deliver training instrumentation systems (MCTIS) equipment, logistics, and training exercise support. The live training capability will include equipment deliveries for individual marine weapons and vehicles, as well as logistics and maintenance support and training exercise support at all major US Marine Corps installations worldwide.

The Polish defense ministry purchased the systems to allow its forces to train as close to reality as possible, domestically as well as at the point-of-need in international collaborations.

Poland’s solution will include capabilities such as exercise control (EXCON) and communication systems, as well as the latest generation hi-fidelity simulators for soldiers, weapons and vehicles.

The support component comprises deployable, integrated logistics and operational support to the Polish Armed Forces.

“The obtained systems will allow for their integration with other simulation systems used by Polish Armed Forces and allied armies, and in particular will contribute to an effective training co-operation with the United States Army,” Col. Artur Kuptel, chief of the Polish Armament Inspectorate, said.

“By choosing a Saab solution, Poland will remain fully interoperable with NATO and other allied nations,” Åsa Thegström, head of Saab’s business unit training & simulation, added.