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Argentina receives second Beechraft TC-12B Huron from the US

Argentine Huron Beechcraft
Photo: Argentine defense ministry

Argentina’s defense ministry has received the second of 12 Beechcraft TC-12B Huron aircraft it acquired from the United States.

Delivery of the second unit took place after the first airframe was handed over in August 2021. While the aircraft arrived in Argentina in late 2021, the handover ceremony took place earlier this week.

Just like the first one, the second unit will based at the Second Air Brigade of Paraná.

According to officials, Argentina is expected to receive all of the former US Navy airframes by the end of the year.

The defense ministry further confirmed that two airframes would be assigned to the Argentine Navy while the rest will go the the country’s air force.

Argentina will use its Hurons as twin-engine trainers, light cargo and logistics support platforms, as well as for medical transfer missions. The military version of the Beechcraft King Air 8200 is replacing the retired IA-50 Guarani aircraft.

Argentine defense ministry infographic