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Bosnian Armed Forces crash one of only four Huey II helicopters

Bosnian Huey II helicopter
Illustration: Bosnian Armed Forces file photo of one of the Huey II helicopters in service

A Bosnian Armed Forces Bell Huey II helicopter crashed during a regular training flight at a range in the vicinity of the country’s capital on April 13.

The helicopter crashed at around 11:30 am, local time, with four crew on board.

There were no injuries reported and the helicopters has sustained “visible damages,” the defense ministry of Bosnia and Herzegovina said.

According to a statement, the helicopter experienced what is known as a dynamic rollover, which happens when the aircraft is close to the ground. Accidents like these usually occur during takeoff or landing.

An investigation into the cause of the rollover is already underway, the defense ministry said.

The helicopter that crashed on Wednesday is one of four Bell Huey IIs Bosnia and Herzegovina received four months ago from Bell’s Huntsville, Alabama, facility. The $38.5 million acquisition of the new helicopters represented one of the most significant defense equipment investments in the history of the country’s armed forces.

In addition to the Huey II, the country also operates older variants of the UH-1H Iroquois medium-lift helicopter.