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USSOCOM buys jet boots to improve diver performance

Jetboot USSOCOM order
Illustration. Patriot3 file photo of operators equipped with the Jetboot

US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) divers are set to become even more lethal with the aid of jet boots that will propel them to greater speeds and longer distances.

The operators will be receiving the new devices under a $10 million contract awarded to Patriot3 Inc.

According to the contract announcement, Patriot3 will be responsible for delivering the Jet Boots Dive Propulsion System (JBDPS) and subsequent maintenance until 2027.

The Jetboots DPS will allow the divers to increase their overall travel range and speed, while saving much needed energy and effort during amphibious operations.

Compatible with standard issue military dive gear, Jetboots uses low noise brushless motors and Lithium-Ion Batteries to achieve propulsion at very low total system weight, its manufacturer says.

The lithium-ion battery powering the system is rated to 300 ft. ocean depth and is “hot-swappable” underwater.

The company says that over a 1.000 of the systems are being operated by military divers in more than 25 countries.