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UK speeds up NLAW purchases after missile deliveries to Ukraine

British Army NLAW
British Army file photo of a soldier launching an NLAW missile

The UK defense ministry has signed a contract with Sweden’s defense procurement agency FMV for the delivery of additional New Light Anti-Tank Weapons (NLAWs).

The new agreement will allow the UK to use Sweden’s existing agreement with Saab for the manufacture of NLAW systems and missiles, which the country has been supplying to Ukraine in large quantities.

Back in March, the UK defense ministry revealed it had supplied 3,615 NLAWs to Ukraine in support of its defense against the Russian invasion, with more to be delivered. A month later, the defense ministry announced it would be delivering another 800 NLAW anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

NLAW is a light anti-tank weapon, developed jointly by Sweden and the United Kingdom, and in service since 2002. Saab is the main contractor on the program and is supplying the weapons to several other countries, including Finland.

FMV said the new agreement would give the UK an opportunity to accelerate the acquisition of NLAW, without revealing the financial details, or the quantities of the systems that will be procured.

NLAW is a short-range (effective at ranges between 20 and 800 meters), anti-tank missile that rapidly knocks out any main battle tank in one shot by striking it from above. It uses predicted line of sight guidance and has overfly top and direct attack modes. Its ease of use makes it a valuable tank destroyer for light forces that operate dismounted in all environments, including built up areas.

It also has night vision capability and is designed for all climate conditions and environments.