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Germany and Netherlands sending six more PzH2000 howitzers to Ukraine

Dutch PzH2000 NL
Dutch MoD file photo

The defense ministries of the Netherlands and Germany announced they would deliver another six PzH2000 self-propelled armored howitzers to Ukraine.

Announced by Dutch defense minister Kajsa Ollongren and her German counterpart Christine Lambrecht at the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, the transfer will bring the total number of howitzers in Ukraine to 18.

Earlier this month, Germany confirmed that the first 12 systems had already been shipped to the frontline after Ukrainian operators completed training in Germany.

“In their struggle to stop the Russian advance, Ukraine desperately needs artillery pieces such as the advanced armored howitzers. Russian forces threaten Ukrainian logistics supply lines. They are also steadily gaining ground in the Donbas. The Ukrainian armed forces are under heavy pressure here. It therefore remains important to continue to support Ukraine in order to defend itself against the Russian invasion,” the Dutch defense ministry said.

After the German-Dutch delivery of the 12 howitzers, Ukraine expressed the wish to arm an entire unit with 18 howitzers in total. As outlined by the Dutch defense ministry, the Netherlands will supply three of the additional requested PzH2000s, with Germany supplying the other three.

The Netherlands revealed it would be replacing the systems donated to Ukraine, adding that it would rely on the European Peace Facility for financing.

When exactly the additional howitzers will be delivered has not been revealed due to security reasons.