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Shield AI teams with EPE to bring Nova 2 indoor drone to Australia, New Zealand

Nova 2 AI-powered indoor drone
Photo: EPE

US autonomy and unmanned systems developer Shield AI has entered into an agreement with Australia-based EPE under which Shield AI’s Nova 2 indoor drone will be marketed in Australia and New Zealand.

Shield AI’s Nova 2 drone uses path planning and computer vision algorithms to autonomously navigate complex subterranean and multi-story buildings without GPS, communications or a human pilot.

According to the company, Nova 2 has been named by joint US and Israeli forces as the “most mission capable indoor drone” in the world, and has also proven its value in combat.

Leveraging Shield AI’s Hivemind AI, Nova 2 autonomously clears a building, detecting threats and auto-populating them on a map while vibration notifications alert the user. In real time, Nova 2 builds 3D multi-story maps, providing an unrivaled common operating picture of the battlefield.

“The clear synergies between Shield AI and Australian-veteran-owned EPE are evident – a shared mission to protect our soldiers underpinned by a commitment to innovative solutions,” Brisbane-based EPE said.

“EPE is providing leading technologies into the Australian defense ministry’s experimentation teams in the area of human machine teaming, in addition to the delivery of 5 defense innovation hub projects which developed innovative solutions to counter emerging threats.”