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South Korean F-4E fighter crashes over Yellow Sea

ROKAF F-4E crash
Illustration: ROKAF file photo of an F-4E

A Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) F-4E fighter crashed on Friday during a security mission over the Yellow Sea, the service has confirmed.

The two pilots onboard the supersonic twinjet managed to eject before the crash but the service did not elaborate on the extent of their injuries.

What is known is that the jet crashed around 12:20 pm local time while returning to the Suwon air base in the vicinity of Seoul.

No civilian injuries have been reported following the crash so far.

The exact cause of the incident is currently under investigation.

The F-4E flown by the ROKAF is one of many variants of the twinjet, all-weather F-4 Phantom II. It first flew on May 27, 1958, and entered service in 1961 as the US Navy’s fastest, highest flying and longest range fighter.