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Denmark investing $5.4 billion in national warship building capability

HDMS Niels Juel (F363)
Defense ministry photo of a Royal Danish Navy Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate

The Danish defense ministry has unveiled a new program valued at 40 billion Danish krone (approx. $5.4B) that will see the country boost its ability to build its own warships.

Citing the deteriorating security situation, and the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine, the defense ministry said it must take steps to ensure a stronger, national security of supply in the maritime area.

“With Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the new European security situation, it is more important than ever that Denmark is able to defend itself. Here, security of supply plays a decisive role. It is crucial that the Armed Forces can obtain the material which is absolutely central to ensuring a strong, Danish defense. This applies not least at sea, where Denmark is one of the world’s largest maritime nations,” defense minister Morten Bødskov said.

“In the next few years, the Danish Armed Forces are faced with having to replace a large number of ships. This means acquisitions in the region of DKK 40 billion. kroner. The new partnership must come up with recommendations so that the Danish maritime defense industry can share in these investments. For the benefit of the Danish defense industry, Danish workplaces and not least for Denmark’s security,” Bødskov added.

The Minister of Defense has appointed Anne H. Steffensen, managing director of Danske Rederier (Denmark’s shipping trade and employer organization), as chairman of the partnership.

“We are a large maritime nation with a strong maritime industry both by virtue of our civilian merchant fleet and our navy, which have always had a close interaction. In the coming years, we must strengthen the navy, as a crucial part of Denmark’s defense. A close public-private partnership is the right way to go. In Denmark, we have many competencies that can and must be used when new ships are to be developed and built. As chairman of the new partnership, I look forward to making recommendations on how we can best and on reasonable terms support the needs of the Armed Forces in the maritime area,” Steffensen stated.

The new, national partnership for the maritime area will be tasked with ensuring coordination across the state, industry, professional organizations and financial institutions. This applies, among other things, to the work on strengthening Denmark’s national shipbuilding capacity.

The partnership will now start preparing an analysis that is expected to result in concrete recommendations on how Denmark can best nationally support the navy’s long-term needs for ship procurement – among other things by ensuring that Denmark has the skills to design, build and maintain warships.