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Behold the NEYK N3 combat submarine

Neyk N3
Photo: Ocean Submarines

Leisure submarine specialist Ocean Submarines has unveiled a compact submersible designed for sabotage action and missions that require stealth.

Dubbed NEYK N3, the “combat submarine” can be deployed around the world within 24 hours thanks to its size. Its crew only consists of 12 members, which means five times fewer personnel are required to operate one submarine, as per the company.

“Modern weapons have entirely changed warfare,” says Ocean Submarine CEO Martin van Eijk. “Superiority is no longer assured for the party with the largest army; small maneuverable teams with tactical weapons are far more effective. This fact has been underlined by the recent destruction of the Russian flagship Moskva by two Neptune anti-ship missiles in the conflict with Ukraine.”

“In addition, the NEYK N3 combat submarine was designed in such a way that it can be transported by air in the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy military transport aircraft,” continues Van Eijk. “This speed and flexibility make it possible to immediately respond to situations. The submarine can be used to collect information or eliminate threats anywhere in the world within one day. These are unique attributes that set the sub apart.”

As explained, the NEYK N3 is specifically designed to monitor or eliminate enemy targets, such as radar stations, rocket installations and command posts, unobserved. Thanks to its stealth properties and extremely low noise profile, the submarine can also be used to land a team of Navy Seals undetected without the risk of being eliminated by modern weapon systems.

“Even when cyber-attacks disrupt radio signals and make electronic equipment unusable, the NEYK N3 will continue to perform its tasks,” explains Van Eijk. “Two independent systems are fitted to make this possible so the submarine doesn’t rely on electronic equipment like the periscope, radar, sonar, sensors and monitors. Where current submarines go blind, this will not be the case with the NEYK N3 thanks to its large pressure-resistant spherical dome. This ‘glass cockpit’ allows pilots to monitor other vessels and aircraft and respond quickly.”

NEYK N3 measures between 19 and 22 meters in length, with electromotors placed outside the pressure hull to power the propeller directly.

Ocean Submarines cutaway of the NEYK N3

Ocean Submarines claims the NEYK N3 can travel “far longer distances underwater than conventional submarines” thanks to its design, larger diving rudders and innovative energy supply solution. According to the company, it has a standard diving capacity of 300 meters (which can be upgraded.

The NEYK3 can be equipped with various weapon systems. It will be equipped with two launching tubes for all types of torpedoes, mines and missiles. Patrol and attack mission consists of the standard payload 2 bow heavy-weight torpedoes + optional additional payload of 8 flank torpedoes.

There are also options for installing other facilities such as a high-pressure chamber with an air lock inside and extra hatch outside to let divers in and out under water.