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US Coast Guard contracts new long-range interceptor III cutter boats

Preliminary general arrangement drawing of the 3rd generation of long range interceptor cutter boats to be made for the Coast Guard. Image: US Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard has awarded MetalCraft Marine US a contract for the delivery of third-generation long-range interceptor (LRI III) cutter boats.

The new contract, boasting a total potential value of $31.3 million, aligns with the Coast Guard’s Boat Acquisition Program to procure and deploy up to 17 LRI IIIs, reinforcing their maritime capabilities for enhanced coastal security.

The LRI III will replace the current fleet of LRI IIs as those boats approach the end of their service life.

Measuring just under 35 feet in length, the LRI III stands as the larger variant of cutter boats utilized by national security cutters (NSCs). This twin-engine, twin-waterjet driven vessel is capable of reaching up to 40 knots.

Each LRI III will come equipped with a navigation and communication system, enabling deployment beyond the cutter’s line of sight, providing over-the-horizon capabilities.

Featuring a semi-enclosed cabin for weather protection, the LRI III accommodates a total of five shock-mitigating seats inside, while an additional six shock-mitigating seats are available outside on the aft deck.

Within the Coast Guard Boat Acquisition Program, there are five projects categorized into cutter boats and response boats. Under the response boats category, the Coast Guard is currently undertaking the service life extension program for the 47-foot motor life boat.