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Norway to get nearly 300 TG3 trucks from Rheinmetall

Photo: Rheinmetall

Germany’s Rheinmetall has secured an order worth over €150M for the supply of nearly 300 TG3 trucks to Norway, as the company announced on June 7.

Commencing from late 2026, Norway is set to receive a fleet of nearly 300 TG3 MIL 8×8 military trucks, as per the contract signed on 31 May 2023 in Oslo.

In terms of volume, this represents the largest individual procurement of trucks to date within the established framework agreement involving Rheinmetall, Norway, and Sweden, stated the company.

The new batch is designed specifically for the Norwegian military. The package comprises various vehicle configurations, encompassing hook loader trucks, specialized crane and hook loader systems, trailers, and flatracks.

Accordingly, the main objective of TG3 MIL 8×8 trucks is to enhance the transportation capacity and operational capabilities of the Norwegian military.

The recent procurement, which constitutes less than half of the required logistic vehicles under the framework contract, indicates the possibility of subsequent orders from Norway and other Scandinavian nations.

“We see this follow-up order as clear proof of the professional and partner-like cooperation in recent years as well as the compelling performance of our products,” declares Michael Wittlinger. “As we see it, the fact that more and more NATO armed forces are opting for our TG and HX vehicles is an important step toward greater interoperability and resilience. We take our responsibility to supply the best possible systems here very seriously.”

The Rheinmetall MAN TG3 MIL 8×8 truck boasts an 8×8 drivetrain, purpose-built to endure the demanding conditions of military operations.

With improved visibility, and up-to-date instrumentation, the truck enhances situational awareness and provides maneuverability across various landscapes.

The TG MIL series was launched in 2010 following the establishment of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) in January of the same year. These trucks, part of the MIL (Militarized) range, are derived from the MAN TG commercial chassis and tailored to meet specific customer needs in the military domain.