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Azerbaijan buying C-27J transport aircraft from Italy’s Leonardo

Photo: Leonardo

Defense Ministers of Azerbaijan and Italy signed a contract for the procurement of the C-27J Spartan multi-role military transport aircraft on June 8.

The program for the purchase of the C-27J from Leonardo is part of an ongoing modernization program of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

The exact number of C-27J Spartan aircraft to be procured by Azerbaijan remains undisclosed at this time. Leonardo further noted that the C-27J sale was linked to the two countries’ collaboration in the energy sector, as Azerbaijan is supplying gas to Italy via the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline.

As a multi-role military transport aircraft, the C-27J incorporates in-flight refuelling, self-protection, secure communications, and ballistic protection systems, enabling its operation in hazardous environments to transport materials, light vehicles, and personnel.

Additionally, it has an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) which allows it to operate in complete autonomy.

The C-27J accommodates approximately five tons per square meter, with adjustable height and inclination for streamlined loading and unloading processes.

With high descent and climb rates (4,000 ft/min and 2,500 ft/min), the aircraft also possesses qualification for short take-off and landing (STOL) operations on various terrains, including snowy, sandy, and unprepared runways.

The aircraft can perform airlifts of troops and cargo to airdrops of paratroopers and materials, from medical battlefield evacuation to VIP transportation, and from humanitarian assistance and natural disaster response to firefighting.