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Swedish Army to get 400 multipurpose vehicles

Photo: Iveco Defense Vehicles

The Swedish Ministry of Defense (MoD) has signed an initial framework agreement with Iveco Defense Vehicles SpA for the delivery of 400 vehicles, including troop transport, medical transport, and flatbed trucks.

The agreement covers two aspects. Firstly, it involves the procurement of versatile multi-purpose vehicles for the Swedish Armed Forces. Secondly, it includes provisions for maintenance and service, with FMV (the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration) acting as the agent on behalf of the Armed Forces.

In addition to the initial multi-purpose vehicles, the agreement provides the flexibility to order additional vehicle variants based on the future requirements of the Swedish Armed Forces.

It has a duration of four years with fixed prices and includes two options for extension, allowing for an additional three and two years, respectively. In total, the Swedish Armed Forces have the ability to request up to 3,000 vehicles through this agreement.

The total value of this contract amounts to approximately 850 million SEK, which is equivalent to around 98 million US dollars.

“With these vehicles, the Armed Forces get a modern capability that complements existing capabilities within the Army and the Home Guard and to some extent replaces certain capabilities from the Armed Forces’ old faithful servants in the war organization, all-terrain vehicle 11 and 13,” says Michael Helander, project manager at FMV, operational area Army.

The multipurpose vehicles included in the agreement are available in a variety of versions to cater to specific operational needs.

These versions encompass troop transport, two variations of medical transport (Medical 1 and Medical 2), communication vehicles for the Army, Home Guard, and Air Defense, repair shelters, cooled shelters, general-purpose shelters, flatbed trucks, dog transport vehicles, and logistic vans.

They are built on a modular platform, offering twelve configurable variations to meet diverse operational requirements.

The first delivery to the Armed Forces will take place at the end of 2024 and the majority of the vehicles will be delivered in 2025, says Michael Helander.