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Australia pledges more vehicles, ammo in new $110M military aid for Ukraine

A M113AS4 Armoured Personnel Carrier bound for Ukraine is loaded onto an Antonov An-124 cargo aircraft at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland.
This is not the first time Australia is sending M113AS4 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. Photo: Australian defense ministry

The Australian government said it would provide a new $110 million assistance package to Ukraine, with the aim of helping it defend and support itself against Russia’s invasion.

This package responds to Ukraine’s requests for vehicles and ammunition, and includes 70 military vehicles.

In total, Australia plans to deliver 28 M113 armored vehicles, 14 special operations vehicles, and 28 MAN 40M medium trucks and 14 trailers. The supply of 105mm artillery ammunition is also part of the package.

These will not be the first M113 vehicles Australia is sending to Ukraine. In June 2022, Australia shipped the first of a planed 14 vehicles to Ukraine. Later that summer, Spain also said it would be sending over 20 M113s to Ukraine. Earlier this year, the Spain revealed the delivery of further M113s, including some vehicles in the 120-mm mortar version.

Australia is also committing A$10 million to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, who manage the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, to help meet needs for shelter, health services, clean water and sanitation.

In addition, Australia said it would extend duty-free access for goods imported from Ukraine for a further 12 months, to support its recovery and trade opportunities.

With the latest commitments, the country’s total contribution in support of Ukraine is being brought to $790 million, including $610 million in military assistance, according to the defense ministry.

“This latest package of support demonstrates that Ukraine can count on Australia. We support international efforts to ensure Putin’s aggression fails and that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity prevails,” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said.

“Australia is proud to be one of the largest non-NATO contributors in support of Ukraine, and will continue to support Ukraine to end the war on its own terms. Ukraine has highlighted the utility of Australian vehicles on the battlefield,” Defense Minister Richard Marles added.