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Hungary awards contract for Hero loitering munitions to Rheinmetall and Israeli UVision

Hero-120 loitering munition launched from Rheinmetall's Boxer Medium Photo: UVision

The Hungarian government has entered into a contract with Rheinmetall, a German defense company, and an Israeli drone supplier to acquire Hero loitering munitions.

Hungary’s procurement of Hero loitering munitions came at a cost of an undisclosed amount in the low three-digit million-euro range. Rheinmetall, as the supplier, has committed to delivering the munitions by 2024, and the contract is set to conclude in 2025.

As stated by Rheinmetall, the Hero loitering munitions exhibit high autonomy, remaining above the operational arena to locate and track enemy targets. They effectively investigate high-value targets and determine the appropriate timing, direction, and angle to execute a precise strike.

According to the industrial partners, the Hero series is versatile, catering to various units and forces, and suitable for both tactical and strategic missions across short, medium, and long ranges.

The design prioritizes maneuverability, offering strike accuracy, and the ability to abort and re-engage missions. Depending on the model, these systems are portable by personnel and can be mounted on land vehicles, ships, or aerial platforms.

In 2017, the Hungarian government introduced the ten-year ‘Zrínyi’ modernization plan, aiming to bolster the country’s armed forces in three ways: by augmenting defense spending, reinforcing the defense industry, and enhancing military capabilities.

This initiative becomes crucial as Hungary’s armed forces seek to replace outdated Soviet-era legacy systems and transition towards a more modern fighting force.