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British Army takes delivery of lightweight recovery vehicles

Supacat LWRV Vehicle towing an HMT vehicle Photo: NP Aerospace

Supacat and NP Aerospace are all set to deliver recovery vehicles to the British Army, catering to the off-road recovery requirements of high mobility transport vehicles as specified in the PMETS contract.

In the coming week, British Army units stationed in Tern Hill and Leuchars will receive new Lightweight Recovery Vehicles (LWRV), courtesy of Supacat and NP Aerospace, as a part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Protected Mobility Engineering and Technical Support (PMETS) contract.

During June 2023, active members of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and Royal Irish Regiment underwent operational training on the vehicles, and this week marks the delivery of their first vehicles. Additionally, the British Army is scheduled to receive two more Supacat LWRVs later this year.

“We are thrilled to hand over new LWRV vehicles to the British Army in partnership with NP Aerospace. This solution fills a crucial capability gap and showcases the HMT’s modularity as a highly adaptable vehicle that can accommodate various system integrations based on operational needs,” said Phil Applegarth, director and head of Supacat.

“The LWRV has been equipped with a ground-breaking technology called ‘Supalift,’ which significantly extends the lifting capacity of light vehicle recovery systems for the Army,” he continued.

According to the manufacturer, these vehicles are specifically designed to meet the British Army’s need for off-road capability in harsh environments, akin to the challenges faced during Operation Newcombe in Mali, Africa. Moreover, these vehicles also possess the ability to navigate the routes of Supacat’s High Mobility Transport (HMT) Jackal and Coyote vehicles.

The LWRV solution utilizes four in-service Jackal 2 vehicles with the addition of Supacat’s Extenda removable 3rd axle to provide the recovery module and configure the 4×4 Jackal 2 as the 6×6 Coyote.

The LWRV also incorporates Supacat’s patented ‘Supalift’ recovery system technology, enabling the recovery of both the UK’s Foxhound and HMT platforms.